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Steps to Installing Church Center App for Giving

1.Go to your App store on your smartphone & type in “Church Center” & download the app or click this link HERE

2.Type in Westmoreland First Baptist Church or use your location services ,you will see our church logo shown here to the right.


3.Once you have WFBC chosen as your home church you will push this icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the page to add your bank or debit card information.   (Bank/ ACH transfers are the preferred method of giving WFBC would request. There is a 30 cent fee per transaction. If a debit/credit card is used there is a 30 cent fee in addition to 2.2% deducted from the amount you are giving). If an ACH bank transfer donation there is only a 30 cent fee.

Once your method of payment is confirmed you can return to the “Church Center” home screen. You are prepared to give!

To Give, press “Give” at the bottom right hand side of the screen and type in your dollar amount, press next. This screen has your dollar amount listed, below it you will see “fund”. Here you can choose what fund you would like your money designated to; there are several options. You can use this to give to the general fund, to the building loan, pay for youth and children’s activities, donate to VBS etc… You may also choose your frequency and set up a recurring transaction for giving.

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